Our Wish List:

As with all non-profit shelters, and rescues, help is always needed. Here are some of the items that we need to get Kitty Quarters up, and running, as well as, to continue to keep it going into the future. These items will benefit our adoptable cats, allowing them to have safe, clean, and comfortable lives while they await their new homes. Our feral/community cats, will also benefit from many of these items.

Please call us at:  860-482-2888  to arrange a drop off time, or email bobbie@kittyquarters.org for more information.



Constant Needs:

  • Cash / check donations for vet & facility bills.                         

  • Plastic bags                                                                            

  • Tall kitchen garbage bags                                                       

  • Heavy trash Large trash - contractor bags                                                 

  • Hefty quart zipper bags                                                             

  • Plastic grocery bags with holes taped shut                            

  • Brooms                                                                                   

  • Stand-up dust pans

  • Mops with removable / sanitizable pads

  • Wash cloths

  • Hand towels

  • Swiffer refills

  • Magic Erasers

  • Rubber gloves – reusable and disposable

  • Jackets: Surgical scrub or doctor / nurse jackets / coats

  • Cat food can lids – Plastic – new

  • Spatulas – small / flexible / sanitizable

  • Metal forks and spoons

  • Dawn Dish Detergent

  • Hand soap in pump bottles or refills

  • Spray bottles

  • HE laundry detergent – low or no scent

  • Stainless steel bowls – preferably with no skid bottoms

  • Plastic bins with WHEELS & lids - Large - 45   Gal.

  • Plastic bins to hold dry food – on wheels

  • Paper towels

  • Toilet tissue

  • Fancy Feast canned, pate

  • Fancy Feast Kitten food - cans

  • Friskies canned - pate

  • Fleece

  • Wand Toys (no lasers or used toys please)

  • Scratching posts

  • Cardboard scratchers

Safety Gear:

  • Replaceable face shields: www.biomask.com

  • ULINE Rubber Coated KEVLAR® Cut Resistant Gloves - medium.

  • Nail caps: Soft Paws,Kitty Caps, Soft Pet,Soft Claws: kitten, small, medium & large.

  • Figure 8 harnesses or adjustable collars in red, yellow, orange,and green.

  • Bacitracin & other antiseptics in tubes

  • Band Aids

Help for Feral Cats:

  • Dry, and canned cat food.

  • Hand warmers. (So food won't freeze.)

  • Styrofoam boxes (coolers) with lids.

  • Peel & Stick linoleum tiles.

  • Straw (not hay)

  • Plastic bowls.

  • Duct tape, or Gorilla tape.

To Assemble your own feral cat shelter:

  1. Cut a doorway six inches by six inches in one of the long sides of the bin towards the corner. Cut the opening so that the bottom of the doorway is several inches above the ground to prevent flooding.

  2. Line the floor of the bin with a piece of Styrofoam, using the yardstick and box cutter to cut the piece. It doesn’t have to be an exact fit, but the closer the better.

  3. In a similar fashion, line each of the four interior walls of the bin with a piece of the Styrofoam. Again, perfect cuts are not necessary. Leave a cap of three inches between the top of these Styrofoam “wall pieces” and the upper lip of the bin.

  4. Cut out a doorway in the Styrofoam interior wall where the doorway has already been cut out in the storage bin.

  5. Measure the length and width of the interior space and place a second, smaller-size bin into the open interior. This bin should fit as snugly as possible against the Styrofoam wall pieces. Cut a doorway into this bin where the doorways have been cut into the Styrofoam and outer bin.

  6. Stuff the bottom of the interior bin with straw or other insulating material (no blankets or towels!) to provide both insulation and a comfortable spot to lie down.

  7. Cut out a Styrofoam “roof” to rest on top of the Styrofoam wall pieces.

  8. Cover the bin with its lid.

This shelter is easy to clean by taking off the lid and the roof. It is lightweight and may need to be weighed down. A flap over the door way is optional.

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© All images, and graphics, found herein, are the property of their creators