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Our reading program is aimed at helping improve reading

skills in youngsters aged 7-11. It’s also intended to build self-confidence in young

people experiencing bullying, and/or stuttering. For people who would LIKE to

feel like a kid again but have suffered some speech impairment such as those

who have suffered a stroke. Reading aloud in a non-judgmental environment, with

the calming assistance of a cat, can help.

Children and adults will book different times.


For details on how YOU can try Read-to-Succeed, email

Youth Programs develop life skills: caring for animals, teamwork, volunteering, careers in animal welfare, civic contribution, giving back, running a business, and more.​

  • On-site therapy cats and their people interact in an atmosphere appropriate for the best outcome.

  • Our Pet Pantry and Surrender Prevention programs serve those families who may not be able to keep their pets if they can’t feed them.

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