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Founder's Message

Kitty Quarters’ founder has had cats her whole life; strays and other foundlings, fosters, and adopted shelter cats. It’s Board of Directors has done the same with cats and dogs. We chose these animals on the basis of their “issues” having adopted the ones most in need. But we believe that all, from the cute, and cuddly youngest to the straggly looking, or elderly, have a right to a good life, in a good home, with love and care.

Kitty Quarters’ Board of Directors is small, just 3 in number, but our hearts are big, and our supporters, and mentors are many. Our rescue cat experience, blended with the combined 90+ years of our mentors, teachers, and friends, help us understand the needs of shelter cats.  Experience has taught us that working with rescue cats is not like having a relationship with your family pet. These animals have been stressed, sometimes severely, by past experience, and sheltering them adds to their troubles. So, Kitty Quarter’s people use their ever-increasing knowledge, empathy, and dedication to give each cat the special care, and understanding necessary, to become valued family members.

Kitty Quarters’ founder is not just an animal lover, but a former teacher. She knows the value of education, and the power that’s produced by sharing that knowledge to make a better world. Kitty Quarters members and volunteers pride themselves on increasing and sharing their knowledge. We pair that with respect. We believe that when people treat animals with respect people will treat each other with respect. With knowledge, patience, and gentle repeat guidance, cats become wonderful companions, and in the process of working with cats we become better humans.

What makes Kitty Quarters unique, is our work to pair cats with people to benefit both. Rescue, stray, and feral cats need a voice. Once adopted, cats will give you unconditional love that you will benefit from in ways you can’t measure. We promise to do what’s right for the animals in our care, even if it’s difficult for us. This is what we expect from our professional medical help, adopting parents and volunteers.

We hope you share our mission and will join us. Please do what you can with your time, knowledge, skills, financial support, and your voice – to help give the helpless, voiceless, a wonderful life.

Thank you.

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