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Heather's Donation

Like many young people today, Heather, age 15, of Avon was
challenged with the idea of how to provide a community service
or help a charity.

Heather loves cats. She sought out the cat shelter nearest her and
came for a tour. She quickly realized that animal shelters as
charities, need help, especially during times when fund raising,
usually done in person, couldn’t happen.


So, she put her energy, imagination and determination to work,                                                                            and created what turned out to be a trunk full of kindness:                                                                                        Her answer was unique: Buy reusable bags (where the charity will                                                                              get a donation from the seller) AND collect donations to fill them.                                                                            BUT here’s the twist: the donor wins too because they keep the reusable                                                                bag & get a good feeling along the way.


First, Heather bought reusable bags from her local Big
Y grocery and logged them all on the Big Y web site. Then she put in a strong, tall kitchen garbage bag, a
note of explanation and thanks, and the Kitty Quarters wish list. She walked them around her
neighborhood talking to those who were curious and leaving them on people’s doors. The note
explained her project, the kind of good that would be produced by their generosity and the date that
she would pick up the donations in the kitchen bags.


Heather now has the satisfaction of knowing she and her neighbors can come together to help a worthy cause... in this case, Kitty Quarters; the temporary home for homeless cats awaiting their forever home.

A love of cats produced a trunk full of kindness: Cleaning and office supplies, litter and other necessities
to maintain the rescue, and cat food.

Heather delivered her “trunk full of kindness” to an excited and grateful group of Kitty Quarters
volunteers on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

March 27, 2021

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